How to Get a Newborn to Sleep at Night?

how to get a newborn to sleep at night

How to Get a Newborn to Sleep at Night?

When we arrive with our newborn at home, we are aware that very long nights with a few hours of sleep await us. Newborn sleeping too much but they do it at a very different time from ours, since the process of adaptation to the world is slow and requires several things.

Often parents worry about whether the child will sleep well or if it is easy or difficult for him to fall asleep. Parents are the ones who should teach the baby to sleep just by establishing routines.

Newborn not sleeping during the day. Adapt the baby to daylight. When we are in the dark the brain releases melatonin, a key hormone to fall asleep. Children do not distinguish between day and night and their sleeping hours are very different from ours.

As it grows, we have to adapt it and educate it so that it knows how to be awake during daylight hours and so that it falls asleep at night time hours. If it is daylight, let sunlight enter the house and all the corners of the house are well lit. For the night, it creates a relaxing environment.

how to put a newborn baby to sleep

how to put a baby to sleep in 40 seconds

You learn to sleep, therefore it can be taught. That is why it is so important to be consistent in the routines so that the baby is acquiring habits that will then accompany him as he grows.

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