What to Pack in Hospital Bag for Baby Delivery?

what to pack in hospital bag for baby delivery

What to Pack in Hospital Bag for Baby Delivery?

We know that the time of delivery may worry you not only about the arrival of your baby, but also because you do not know exactly what to pack in hospital bag for baby delivery. Surely, you have already reviewed some lists that your friends have shared with you; you searched the internet, asked your mother, etc. Well, we tell you to forget all those exaggerated lists, because here we have prepared a list of what do you need to pack for baby delivery. We also attach a list made by a mom so you can have a more real idea and you can put together your bag to take to the hospital. It is the only thing, that you will need, we promise.

You must have your bags (one for you and the other for the baby) packed and in your car from week 38. (Moms who take taxis keep their bags in the hall closet.)

A tip for preparations: Ask the hospital what they provide for babies and mothers, and remove those items from your list.

Homework - Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom and Baby

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Leaving home

What to Pack in Hospital Bag for Baby Delivery?

Ready to take to the hospital based on another mother's experience

Although the list described above contains the essential things you should bring to the hospital on the day of delivery, we have selected another mother’s experience so that you have a more realistic idea of ​​what to pack in hospital bag for birth and for yourself. We are sure that it will help you to choose without excesses and enjoy the experience of seeing your baby born with peace of mind.

what do you need to pack for baby delivery

Retention systems to seat the baby

As you already know, the Social Security hospital supplies you with practically everything during delivery, including things for you: compresses, a nightgown and a soapy bath sponge; for the baby a clothes, sponge for changing diapers and diapers. It is an excellent support at the time of delivery, but you must take into account that there are other essential things for both, take note of what you can additionally carry in your suitcase for you and the baby.

Play with the baby on his back


You can see that I did not need to carry a huge suitcase, as I told you before, to be in the hospital for Social Security they provide you with what is necessary. Therefore, you only need a few things to get the baby out of the hospital. You can put in your suitcase just like me, a couple of each thing in case it gets dirty or vomits.

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